Greenland Reconciliation Commission work from the following definition of reconciliation:

"Reconciliation is a process through which the Greenlandic society is moving away from a mindset that is a consequence of colonial history, by creating understanding of modern sociological issues. The process of reconciliation must make room for a common future for the Greenlandic population - across geography, generations, groups and individuals. Reconciliation Commission must therefore provide a framework for actions to inclusiveness, mutual respect and liberation based on what people have told. "

Reconciliation is an overall  process which includes:

• To gain awareness of history and its impact on the present.

• An understanding of the past to move forward towards a common future.

• A long-term process of transformation of society.

• (Re) building relationships.

• A process of recognition of remembering and learning from the past.

• Acceptance and acceptance.

• Emancipation.

• Reconciliation is both an aim and a process .